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Flowforge - Serrated

Plain and Serrated - Flowforge load bearing bars can be supplied with either a plain or serrated top surface. Serration are made by a patented rolling process providing regular serration without sharp edges and without removing metal from the original flat bar. Serrated Flowforge gives improved performance, particularly for the off shore industry. Flowforge can be amnufactured with the twisted bar sunk lower than the serration thus ensuring maximum contact with the serrated bar.

Bar Arrangements

Flowforge has been developed to comply with world wide application and safety requirements and allow a customer to choose a flooring to match his loading requirements as closely as possible. In addition to this, the range of smaller meshes gives the added safety feature of stopping objects from passing between the bars and also offers an increased area of underfoot contact. The four standard types highlighted here are the preferred bar arrangements for the U.K. market.

Flowforge is available in standard panels of 6mtrs long by a nominal width of a metre. Other lengths are available on request. Alternatively Flowforge can be fabricated to any size and shape needed to meet a customers requirements.

a. Light Duty - 3kn/m2 U.D.L.

b. General Duty - 5kn/m2 U.D.L.

c. Heavy Duty - 7.5kn/m2 U.D.L.

U.D.L. - Uniformly Distributed Load

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