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Update On Smart Technology for Our Vehicle Fleet


In our recent move to utilise newer technology, Maxoptra, a route planning and scheduling solution, has allowed us savings of £250,000 per year.


Paired with a real-time telematics software, this has helped us reduce on-road costs, maximise the efficiency and capacity of our fleet, all while greatly improving our customer service.


Our main rationale was to improve our customer experience and maintain our competitiveness, however, the initial investment in technology has been self-fulfilling, realising savings that are now being used to invest in other technologies, such as newer vehicles, to achieve additional benefits.”
Mark Williams, Operations Director at IMS


By moving away from our traditional paper based planning process, the new technology takes into account many more factors, automatically producing the most efficient routes. Maxoptra also can redirect drivers on route, diverting them around traffic situations as they develop.


“The results to date have exceeded expectations. Not only have we achieved significant savings and increased capacity within the business, but our customers are happier, our drivers are happier, and we are working to make the environment greener”

Mark Williams concludes.


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