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With 11 saw lines running 24-hour operation, we have the capacity to effectively manage multiple, large projects simultaneously. Our flexible machinery can deliver mitre and slew cutting and work with bars up to 18,300 mm in length, with a straight cut tolerance of just 1 mm.

Saw Cutting

Our Kaltenbach saw lines can accommodate up to an 18,300 mm bar length with a straight cut tolerance of 1 mm. This high level of accuracy ensures your finished material is ready to fit into your construction project. Integration with our other production lines gives us the capability to meet complex specifications for custom made projects.  

We can cut angles, box section, tube, column, beams, and channel; tooling with either mitre, slew or straight cut profiles. 


  • Max bar length: 18,300 mm
  • Max profile width: 1,017 mm
  • Max profile height 500 mm
  • Straight cut tolerance: +/- 1 mm

We operate 11 saw lines, running 24-hours a day.


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