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Shotblasting & Painting

We operate two shotblasting lines to ensure we have the flexibility and capacity to work with any structural steel sections, re-rolled, hollow section and hot-rolled plated. With a choice of finish options and 24-hour operation, your product will be custom finished and ready when you need it.

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Shotblast Only

Don't forget that we can also offer shotblasted only material to SA 2.5. Speak to one of our sales reps for more information.

Shotblasting & Painting

A good finish requires effective preparation. Our shotblasting lines remove rust and scale quickly and efficiently to SA 2.5, delivering a high-quality surface preparation which is ready for future treatment. 

We operate two shotblasting lines, to offer a high degree flexibility for our customers.  We have the capability to work with a thickness of just 8mm, right through to large scale steel sections measuring up to 18,000 mm in length.

Our water-based primer is fast-drying, ensuring that we can process your steel quickly. The process delivers temporary protection against corrosion for steel constructions and cast iron. 

We can deliver your product unpainted (shotblast only) to SA 2.5, or finish it in a choice of red or grey with a minimum of 25 microns. Should you require a thicker coat of paint, please ask one of our sales reps for more information.


  • Max length: 18,000 mm
  • Min length 2,500 mm
  • Max profile width: 1,500 mm
  • Max profile height: 500 mm
  • Min thickness: 8 mm

Our two shotblasting lines operate 24-hours a day.


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