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Brexit & Covid-19 Update


Monday, 19th October 2020

Our Brexit Preparations

Dear Stakeholder,

At B&M/IMS & Avon Steel we have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to prepare, for any and every, possible Brexit or Coronavirus scenario.

 The B&M Group has completed a comprehensive review of our supply chain with one single goal; ‘to secure our material supply’, for any eventuality, whether Brexit or Coronavirus.

So, let us consider our significant business strengths:

  • We have actual, physical UK stock availability of in excess of 50,000 tonnes and over 2,500 different products, immediately available across our 14 nation-wide locations, the needs of all our customers, big or small, in every corner of the UK are protected.
  • Most of our inbound raw materials are procured from UK based mills, many with their own port facilities, which further insulates us and them from supply chain disruption. Our ongoing commitments to them are solid, as are their delivery commitments to us.
  • Our own dedicated dockside facilities in Essex and Lincolnshire divest any import risk perfectly, across our business. At any one time we have more than 100,000 tonnes of steel visible in our own supply chain.
  • For those customers that buy processed products from us, we have stockpiled all the items that we use and require, enough for a massive 6 months demand.
  • Our dedicated, private dockside facilities cannot be affected by Customs or Border Control complications. Our product flow post Brexit will be as smooth and efficient as ever.
  • But by far our biggest asset is us. We are the 350 hardworking employees that make the difference to our businesses. We are confident that our customers will only see Brexit issues on the news, and not in their steel supply from any of our locations.
  • In terms of our COVID-19 response. We have, for many months, had a Safe System of Work (SSoW) to protect our employees and customers from the risk of coronavirus, this includes face coverings, regular temperature checks and screens across the business. A copy of our SSoW is available on request. All our depots can deal with customers at our trade counters safely, and of course our impeccable socially distanced delivery service protecting you and your business. The entire group will continue to be open for business throughout the pandemic.

It is now and always will be our aim to maintain continuity of supply to all our customers, whatever the reason. We span the country from Aberdeen to Winchester, from Southend to South Wales. In all locations, we are confident that our customers will receive the same safe and reliable service, in a COVID secure environment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call your normal depot or salesperson to find out more about our plans

A message from our CEO

“2020 has been extremely challenging for our employees, their families and our business. There is currently no end in sight to the threat of coronavirus, so inevitably, 2021 will present further challenges to for us to overcome. The hard work and dedication of our employees, in a coronavirus secure environment, has led to the B&M Group returning from furlough even stronger than before. Whether BREXIT or the continued threat of the pandemic, B&M will be here to partner you through 2020 and into 2021.

Good luck, best wishes and please STAY SAFE!”

Mike Walton CEO

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